Saes offers Annual & 5-Yearly inspections/certification of Lifeboats & Rescue Boats, Launching Appliances & Release Gear in accordance with the IMO Resolution MSC.402(96). Our company is an authorized service station of 30 Manufacturers, which consists of 10 highly qualified & well experienced service engineers capable to carry out any inspection.

Saes can successfully carry out Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements & Hull surveys, in compliance with the requirements & principals of all Classification Societies. Our UTM team is well trained to use advanced UT tools & all operators are Level II certified (according with SNT-TC-1A [2] or similar standard), able to face any challenge.

Saes is expertized to execute inspection, service & maintenance to Fire Fighting Equipment according to international regulations and standards. Our knowledgeable staff is well experienced to perform Annual, 5 Yearly, 10 Yearly & Hydrostatic Surveys to any type of vessel capable to issue all the necessary certificates, with main purpose to meet customer demands.

Saes is authorized to conduct service & maintenance of life-saving appliances such as breathing apparatus, life jackets, immersion suits and other personal protective equipment, in compliance with the applicable SOLAS Regulations. Our well trained personnel can successfully handle the inspection of LSA services and satisfy customers’ requirements.

Saes conducts thorough examination of all Derricks, Cranes & Loose Gears up to 40 tons, by using dynamometers & water bags. Our personnel is complying with Classification Societies’ requirements & all relevant rules.

Saes undertakes operation & static load test of Accommodation Ladders & Gangways as per MSC.1/Circ.1331. Our team consist of qualified engineers & holds certified equipment in order to conduct load test ladders, gangways and davits, by using water bags and other specialized equipment.

Saes can carry out full inspections and functional tests of all available winches in order to verify that equipment runs safely & smoothly. Our engineers by using tailored equipment, assure safe operating mooring.

SAES undertakes Ultrasonic Hatch Leak inspection services & our UTM team by using the latest certified equipment, detects & determines any water leakage. Then, our personnel prepares a report, which includes the exact level of leakage & indicates the poor tightness area in order our customers to get informed about the problems. Our main purpose is to provide suitable solutions & actions for each case, by improving continuously our services.

SAES provides NDT services from Certified Level II operators, who are well trained & with long experience in this field. Nondestructive testing (NDT) is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system.

Saes carries out Steel Surveys to any type of vessel in combination with Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements to determine ship's steel structure condition. Our well experienced personnel compiles a steel specification report by showing all the inspected areas & weight calculations. This plan includes all the locations in order owners to assess the need of extent steel repairs & decide about the repair methods.

SAES people compile UTM Reports in accordance with the requirements of all major IACS members for Thickness Measurements. This involves amongst others, Cap Reports as well. Reports includes notes, photographs, drawing of defects & repair specifications which offer a comprehensive perception of vessel's condition.

Saes takes over to supply quality ship/safety equipment from mayor, well reputed & certified manufacturers, with main purpose to offer the outmost services to its clients. Our good company maintains long lasting relationships & cooperates with suppliers in Europe, Japan, China, Korea & UAE.